What are the Wardians?


Each Wardian has their own Stats, Basic Attack and Cards.

Basic Stats

🩸 Health: Each Wardian has a specific amount of health points.
🏃 Movement Speed: Defines how fast a Wardian can move through the arena.
🧿 Mana Recovery Speed: Defines how fast a Wardian generates mana.
⚔️ Basic Attack Recovery Speed: Defines how fast is the Basic Attack recharged.
These stats can be decisive when understanding every Wardian's strategy. For example, the Ninja can be one of the fastest ones, but she is squishy, so you need to take advantage of your dodging skills!

Basic Attack

Wardians have a basic attack. It has a number of charges, loading speed and an effect. For example, Frost launches an ice shard that deals damage when using it. She can accumulate up to 3 charges.
​Some Cards even add new functionalities to the Wardians Basic Attack.


Each Wardian has their own, predefined Battle Deck composed of 8 Cards. You will be able to
Every card has a mana cost and can be grouped onto summonings or spells.

🤖 Summonings:

Wardians can summon buddies to help them during battle. They will be active during a limited period of time, and they have their own special effects and characteristics.


Each Wardian has their own secret arsenal of tools. Spells can range from powerful magic able to control enemy summonings, to enchantments which buff their basic attacks or just an old reliable burst of damage. Spells can take all the forms you can imagine.

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