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Sustainable rewards
Through progression, players can obtain a variety of items, both off-chain and NFT, as a reward for their efforts. NFTs are valuable assets that players can trade with others in exchange for

NFT Rewards

Apart from that, there is an off-chain, obtainable currency called
Wardian Coin. Players can use it to buy NFT assets and decide whether to use or trade them.

Where can NFTs be obtained?

  • As part of the F2P core progression.
  • By completing the Battle Pass.
  • As part of NFT Wardians progression.
  • As a reward during Events.

​📗 F2P core progression

Each player has a basic progression that allows them, without paying, to unlock free, off-chain Wardians, as a reward for playing and completing quests. This feature is designed to allow players to play for free, trying the game out and exploring the mechanics. They can get a sneak peek of premium features, and take part in Competitive Events (with earning limitations).
​🏷️ ​Battle Pass
The Battle Pass is the premium progression of Wardians, players need to rank up their Wardians collection to claim rewards. The Battle Pass can be upgraded into the Premium Battle Pass in order to earn more.
To complete it, players need to collect Wardians as the Battle Pass can't be completed with just one Wardian. Take into account off-chain Wardians give less Battle Pass points when ranking them up.
​🧙 Wardians progression
Each Wardian has their own quests that are unlocked as you level and rank up with them.
​🎊 Events​
PvP and PvE Events take place eventually as a consequence of special dates and new content arriving to the game.


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