How it works

A new competitive-based approach to Play and Earn economies. Compete to earn.

Wardians' Ecosystem

Hypeful's mission is to create games based on stable economies, where players are able to generate value throughout the game.
Wardians follows a gameplay-first approach, where the blockchain powers up the game making the PvP a more meaningful experience, thanks to an always circulating economy that consistently rewards players for their efforts.
The key to this ecosystem is players, both free and paid, being able to rank up in the Leagues as they play, and take part in Competitive Events as well.
Competitive events and Leagues reward the best performing players with both ingame assests and
🧐 Where do these stablecoins come from?
Wardians does it simple. It keeps a fixed percentage of every game-related payment in a Reward Pool, used exclusively for player rewards.

Treasury Structure

When a game asset is purchased, a percentage of what the player paid is stored in the Reward Pool.
Wardians aims to create an attractive Reward Pool, which reinforces players' interest in improving their skills and competing in the arena. For that reason, the Reward Pool is, additionally, also fueled by:
  • 🎨 Art Collections: Wardians uses an original and carefully crafted IP. NFT Art Collections about the world of Wardians and every Wardian itself will drop eventually. ➜ A percentage of those sales and royalties is shared with the Reward Pool.
  • 🤝 Marketplace fees: Players can trade a variety of in-game assets, and the game charges a fee each time it occurs. ➜ A percentage of that fee goes to the Reward Pool.
  • 🖐 Promotional Agreements: As part of the ecosystem, Wardians will enable advertising with partners during Competitive Events. ➜ A percentage of the value of those deals is, yet again, shared with players via the Reward Pool.
Players are able to obtain rewards from the Reward Pool through Competitive Events.